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Helicopter Applicators, Incorporated

Helicopter Applicators, Incorporated (HAI) was established in 1974 with one Bell 47 helicopter.  Since then, it has grown to include 15 aircraft, a fleet over 23 trucks, and more than 50 employees.

HAI performs helicopter services in any of the contiguous 48 states. 

We perform a wide-range of aerial applications, some of which include Gypsy Moth, Black Fly, Mosquito, Aquatic Vegetation Control, Right of Way, Row Crop and Forestry.  HAI is not limited to aerial applications, however, as we perform fire services as well as lift work.

From maintenance to mapping, Helicopter Applicators, Incorporated performs nearly every aspect of our business in-house.

Since the beginning, HAI has been a leader in aerial applications.  Our highly trained pilots and staff use cutting-edge technology ensure our jobs are performed both safely and efficiently, while still performing work of superior quality and saving the customer time and money.


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Aerial Applications

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